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Summer '24 Challenge Dushore PA!

Written by
Francisco Gonzalez
March 7, 2024
Get out of your comfort zone with Fearless Journeys! Join us on a 50-acre estate in Dushore, Pennsylvania, July 25-29, 2024.

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Sign Up Here Today!


  1. Where is Dushore, PA? It's in the rural part of north-central Pennsylvania. If you are coming from another part of the country, you can fly into Scranton, PA (90-minute drive), Binghamton, NY (90-minute drive), Newark, NJ (3-hour drive), Philadelphia, PA (3-hour drive), Pittsburgh, PA (4-hour drive), or Washington, DC (4-hour drive).
  2. Will Fearless Journeys provide transportation to Dushore, PA? No, we will not. You need to get yourself there! However, once you decide where you are coming from, we will match you with other attendees coming from an airport or local area to help you consider sharing a ride. Once on-site, we will transport you around the area for some of our activities that take us off of the property.
  3. How many people will Fearless Journeys accommodate for this adventure? We have space for up to 30 people.
  4. Do I have to participate in every challenge? You are a free person. You do not have to. Instead, we believe in the power of incentives. Each challenge you participate in, will gain you points on the leaderboard. We do, however, want the foundation of this challenge to be for everyone to complete the firstchallenge of no screen for at least 72 hours.
  5. What if someone back home needs to reach in me for an emergency? We will be setting up one emergency phone number for those back home to reach us in the case of an emergency. We will provide that well ahead of the trip and help you prepare to be away from your devices for at least 72 hours. You will have plenty of notice to set up away messages on your email and voice mail so that you can be free to experience nature and be truly present for this experience with our other outstanding attendees on this first Fearless Journeys adventure retreat.

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